The project

At a time when society seems trapped in several crises, La Fàbrica de la Transició (The Transition Factory) plans to offer one of the most progressive living and experimentation place in Europe. A hub where theory meets practice, where solutions to problems are created and where these can be replicated in other villages/cities.

What do we expect to be found at La Fàbrica de la Transició?

  1. A place to live and to experiment sustainability with 4,000+ m2 of living space and 1,000+ m2 of common spaces.
  2. A place with an orchard around where it is possible to grow our own organic food.
  3. A place to produce our own renewable energy.
  4. A place to reinvent mobility, by developing electromobility and sharing mobile systems, in addition to the public buses and trains.
  5. An international coworking space to work + high tech FabLab for hardware and software open source solutions.
  6. An evocative space where nature and art are linked, where artistic performances of all types can be developed.
  7. A high quality conference venue for organizations working to build a better world.
  8. A place to reconnect work and life at the village level, in connection with Barcelona and Tarragona, as well as other villages nearby.
[📸 Model done by the architects team]