Key Facts

– Three buildings from 1750: 4000+ m2 of collaborative living space.
– 1000 m2 of common spaces + workshop facilities for cultural and educational activities.
– Facilities for groups up to 50 people in winter, 100 in summer.
– Several hundred vegetable gardens are located around The fACTory.
– Many trekking and VTT paths are to be found in the beautiful surroundings.
– Rio Gaya + public swimming pool across the road
– The Village holds 4000 habitants, with newly elected progressive mayor.
– The fACTory is at 70 km from Barcelona,  10 km from Tarragona, 7 km from seaside. 0 km from nature, experimentation and pure inspiration.
– Catalunya and Barcelona are among the most progressive places in Europa, pushing forward different transition projects going in the same direction of The fACTory.