Our vision

These are the main elements behind our project. We hope it will also inspire you!

  1. LONG TERM VISION. In opposition to the currently dominant “short-termism”, we want to create a project with a long term perspective
  2. SUSTAINABLE HOUSING. A house is a right, and not a simple good to buy and sell. We will therefore create affordable and anti-speculative housing.
  3. COMMON PROPERTY & DECISION MAKING. Decisions are made by all members.
  4. TRANSPARENCY. Information will be available for all members, and not in the hands of a minority.
  5. MUTUALISATION. Inefficient individual use will be replaced, when possible, by an efficient common practice to share spaces, knowledge, ideas, time, goods, services, etc.
  6. PRIVACY & EQUILIBRIUM. Aside to the mutualization, we also believe in a balance between private and common spaces, in order to protect the individual privacy of every single member.
  7. WORK EXPERIMENTATION. At a time of a brain-drain from villages to the cities, we want to relocate skills in the villages thanks to Internet, coworking, and FabLabs, among others.
  8. RESPONSIBILITY. No one can just sit and watch at The fACTory. Each according to their abilities, everyone has rights, as well as duties.
  9. COMPLEMENTARY DIFFERENCES. Differences are optimized to make solutions more sustainable: local & international, private & public, individual & community, hardware & software, young & less-but-still young, male & female, cities and villages.
  10. DIALOGUE. Last but not least, complementary differences requires to deeply learn the skill of dialogue through facilitated meetings and decision-makings. No one has got the full truth: we all share parts of it.

[📸 Gaià Reservoir, 30 minutes walking from the la Fàbrica de la Transició]