Our Vision

(image : 20 minutes walking from the fACTory)

These are the main elements behind our project. We hope it will also inspire you!

  1. LONG TERM VISION : in opposition to the currently dominant “short-termism”, we want to create a project with a long term perspective
  2. SUSTAINABLE HOUSING : a house is a right, and not a simple good to buy and sell. We will therefore create affordable and anti-speculative housing .
  3. COMMON PROPERTY & DECISION MAKING : decisions are made by all members.
  4. TRANSPARENCY  : information will be available for all members, and not in the hands of a minority.
  5. MUTUALISATION : inefficient individual use will be replaced – when possible – by an efficient common practice to share spaces, knowledge, ideas, time, goods, services, etc.
  6. PRIVACY & EQUILIBRIUM : Aside to the mutualisation, we also believe in a balance between private and common spaces, in order to protect the individual privacy of every single member.
  7. WORK EXPERIMENTATION : At a time of a brain-drain from villages to the cities, we want to re-locate skills in the villages thanks to Internet, co-working, and FabLabs, among others.
  8. RESPONSIBILITY : No one can just sit and watch at The fACTory. Each according to their abilities, everyone has rights, as well as duties.
  9. COMPLEMENTARY DIFFERENCES : differences are optimized to make solutions more sustainable : local & international, private & public, individual & community, hardware & software, young & less-but-still young, male & female, cities and villages.
  10. DIALOGUE : Last but not least, complementary differences requires to deeply learn the skill of dia-logue through facilitated meetings and decision-makings. No one has got the full truth; we all share parts of it.