The architects

Saül, Matthieu, Rafael & Adolfo met around a similar idea and passion: reviving dying villages and foster transition solutions.

Matthieu is the “social architect” with 10 years experiences in urban eco-village and cohousing. Group facilitator and co-founder of L’Echappée cohousing (18 flats) in the center of Brussels, Belgium. Doctor in Political Sciences and film director of The Brussels Business about corporate lobbying (ARTE, RTBF). Author of Homo Cooperans 2.0 (French, Spanish) about the collaborative economy, with a preface by Michel Bauwens. Contact him in English, French, Italian or Spanish.

Saül is the “physical architect” with 20 years of experiences in the field of public and private architecture in Catalunya. He is also among many other things the core project leader at Reviure Solanell, an abandoned village at the border between France and Spain. Contact him in Catalan or Spanish.

Rafael is the cultural architect, as a geographer and a photographer with more than twenty years of experience in rural development processes and heritage valuation. Expert in the recovery of traditional walking and trekking paths as well as in the promotion of alternative mobility in today’s societies. Conductor of the projects for the creation of networks of roads of the Priorat and of the Anella Verda de Tarragona. Contact him in Catalan, Spanish or English.

[📸 El Pont del Diable (Devil’s Bridge), a Roman Aqueduct in Tarragona, inside l’Anella Verda (Green Ring), a 2-hours trekking from la Fàbrica]